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Meian, born with the meaning of "a dream wonderland where the beauty begins" in Chinese, has always been firm its will in bringing people a more beautiful life, and never disappoint her customers in creative ideas of creating beauteousness. Up to now, she has focused on the diamond paintings as well as the cross stitches for almost 10 years, providing more than 1 million members with plenty of chances to be an artist and surely wins a gorgeous name to be one of those brands who win the highest industry recognition in China, especially for the sincere service of private customization in diamond painting designing, which inspires a great number of people all over the world to discover the aesthetic things that arise everyday in their daily life, in the meantime, to make these things fantastic entities as excellent artwork. For so long, throughouts all these ages passed, be approaching the new future, no matter how the world changes, as for Meian, all things she keeps persisting in is to carry out the saying that, "Choose Meian, choose to live with beauty."

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